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It is a great privilege for me to present to you the ministry of Christian education provided through Greenbrier Christian Academy. The Academy was founded in 1983 for the purpose of training young people who desire to receive their educational training in harmony with their personal faith in Jesus Christ. Since our inception, we have strived to provide a quality academic education within a Christian environment.

The Academy has stepped forward with great purpose and resolve to meet the challenge of providing a well-rounded education within the boundaries of Christian principles taught in God’s Word, the Bible. Our primary focus and desire as a school is to guide our students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to teach them the foundational and academic principles of education in light of the desires of our Almighty God.

Please examine the attached information closely to make sure that your desires as a parent are in harmony with the mission and desires of GCA. If they are the same, we can work together in harmony to provide a truly Christian education for your student. Our faculty and staff will work hand in hand with you to provide the best possible education for your student. Please feel confident that your interests are ours as well.

In Dr. Glen Schultz’s book, "Kingdom Education," Lorin Bourguin, a Christian school parent states:

Choosing a school which your child will attend is often a very difficult task. Each year as you prayerfully contemplate this crucial decision, may I encourage you to seek not what is good for your children, but what is best. Seek not what is important, but what is essential. Seek not glamour, but godliness. Seek not a place that gives your children opportunities to socialize; seek first that which gives your children opportunities for servant hood. Seek not to increase their fun; seek to increase their faith. Seek not tools to make them rich; seek first to give them tools to make them righteous. Parents, seek not what makes your kids happy; seek first what makes your kids holy. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and then sit back and claim God’s promise that every single thing your children need to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives will be given unto them. (Bourguin, qtd. in Schultz, p.152)

I want to thank you for prayerfully choosing Greenbrier Christian Academy as your partner in the education of your student. May our work together produce students that are a testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Dr. Ron White


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    Dr. Ron White

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    Amanda Caldwell

    Director of Admissions and Student Services/Yearbook
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    Christopher Mowery

    Collegiate Academy Administrator
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    Wendi White

    JRC Administrator/Science Head/Biology Teacher
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    Jennifer Harrison

    Beginnings Academy Director
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    Sandy Talcott

    STEP Director, Teacher/Minister - Language Therapist
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    Gary Wilson

    Alumni/Activities/ Advancement/Government
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    Daniel Moore

    Athletic Director

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