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    Marne Buchanan

    Collegiate Registrar/Student Services Asst
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    Amanda Caldwell

    Director of Admissions and Student Services/Yearbook
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    Jamie Saunders

    Full Time Sub/Impact Cheer Director

Greenbrier Christian Academy has replaced the traditional Guidance Office with a wider encompassing Student Services Office. While mostly academic in nature, the Student Services staff seeks to provide support to students in all areas of their lives by working in conjunction with the divisional offices, principals and discipleship programs.

The following are just some of the responsibilities of the Student Services department:

Academic Oversight:

  • Provide assistance with the academic oversight of curriculum and instruction for grades 6-12
  • Coordination of examination schedules
  • Coordination and posting of grades for online availability to students and parents
  • Coordination and oversight of the quarterly Academic and Behavioral Reports
  • Monitoring of student academic status (probation, eligibility, honor rolls)
  • Determination of cumulative grade point average and class rank
  • Collaborate with STEP Center to determine and distribute confidential accommodations for eligible students
  • Coordination of the Advanced Placement and Honors programs
  • Management of annual achievement testing
  • Coordination of the Dual Enrollment/ College Credit program


College “Counseling”

  • Providing assistance and guidance relative college selection, the college application process and career guidance
  • Assist with identifying and applying for scholarship opportunities
  • Provide assistance with registration for and maintenance of pre-college admissions testing ( CLT, SAT, ACT)
  • Oversight and administration of the PSAT and National Merit Scholarship Program
  • Coordinate college representative visits to campus

Student Scheduling:

  • Creation and distribution of annual student schedule of classes
  • Determination of the middle and upper school class schedules for faculty

Student Records:

  • Maintenance and provision of printed transcripts and report cards
  • Maintenance of student records and permanent files
  • Management of diplomas and other graduation information
  • Monitoring of student community service

Admissions and Re-enrollment:

  • Management of annual re-enrollment process
  • Coordination of admissions process in conjunction with divisional principals, superintendent and admissions committee

Other student services:

  • Provision of work permits
  • Coordination of Driver’s Education documentation with Virginia DMV

It is the sincere desire of each member of the Student Services staff to meet the academic needs of each student, but foremost to honor Christ in every interaction with the constituency. Guidance is given to assist with planning of academic endeavors which enable the student to excel in his or her studies and cognitive development, thereby equipping the student to fulfill the role God has for him in life.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Office if you have questions or concerns with which we can assist you.


Amanda Caldwell - Director of Student Services

Marne Buchanan - Registrar