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Early Withdrawals, Discounts and Financial Aid

Early Withdrawals

Early Withdrawals (Not applicable to P3/P4)
Early withdrawals will be handled according to the Financial Contract:

  • If enrollment of a student is complete and the student withdraws from the School
    • Prior to May 15, 2024, Parent shall not be entitled to a refund of any reenrollment fees paid.
    • After May 15, 2024 and before June 15, 2024, Parent shall pay a fee of $500/student who withdraws.
    • After June 15, 2024 and before July 15, 2024 Parent shall pay a withdraw fee of $1000/student who withdraws.
    • After July 15, 2024. Parent is financially responsible for tuition for the full academic year.
  • The enrollment obligation for the full academic year is unconditional and no portion of the year’s tuition or fees, paid or outstanding, will be refunded or canceled in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal of this student from the School.
When withdrawals occur, all balances are due. Transcripts and student records will not be released to Parent, or any third party requesting same until all balances are cleared with the Business Office.



Full pay discount - A 2% discount is given for paying full tuition by July 15th.

Multi-Student Discount - For families enrolling more than one student in P3-12th grade, they will receive the following discounts:

  • 2nd child – 10%
  • 3rd child – 20%
  • 4th child & up – 30%

Multi-student discounts are first applied with the second highest grade level enrolled.
Multi-student discounts cannot be layered with other discounts.
There are no discounts available for students in First Steps.


Family Cap - No family may exceed $35,500 yearly in regular P3-12th grade tuition charges.

Alumni Discount - Children of GCA graduates will receive a 10% tuition discount.

Christian Ministry Discount - A special discount of 25% is available to pastors, missionaries and others in full-time ministry positions. This must be your primary source of income. *Must be ordained to receive the discount*


Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for families enrolling students in K5 through 12th grade and that demonstrate a need. It is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please note that under current financial aid guidelines, the highest percent awarded is 50% of the tuition. In most cases, financial aid falls in the 10 - 30% range. Families receiving financial aid may not receive additional “special” discounts.

All financial aid applications must be processed on-line through FACTS, our tuition management company. To apply, CLICK HERE. There is a $40 application fee due upon submission of the financial aid application, and no application will be reviewed until complete. Your prior year income tax return will be required, and families will be notified in writing by an email from FACTS of any financial assistance being awarded. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for processing and award notification.

Financial aid must be secured for each individual school year. Families presently receiving financial aid will not automatically receive aid each year. A complete Financial Aid Request must be filed each year demonstrating continued need for support, along with the appropriate enrollment fee.



May 1st is the deadline for financial aid applications for returning families.  New families need to apply no later than May 31st.   Applications are reviewed once all documentation is received and verified by FACTS.  Please note that there is the possibility that financial aid may be exhausted prior to the May 31st deadline so do not delay.