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Foundations Academy

(Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Core Curriculum

Students receive daily Bible instruction where they learn to study, evaluate and apply God's word. Students participate in a weekly chapel service.

Language Arts
Phonics instruction is the foundation to our Language instruction. Students receive daily instruction in reading, spelling, and grammar. As part of their reading instruction, students learn how to use graphic organizers to comprehend and analyze text.

Math includes daily drills, whole group instruction, manipulatives, independent and group centers, and written assessments.

Science is hands-on and engaging using the scientific method as a basis to guide students in analyzing and synthesizing information.

Social Studies
Students are taught local, state, American and world history based on the foundation that God has a plan for all people of all nations.


Specialty Instruction

Foreign Language
Students receive weekly instruction in Spanish. Basic vocabulary, including greetings, colors, numbers, etc., is taught.

Physical Education
Students participate in two PE class each week. Motor skills are emphasized in the younger grades and the concept of team sports is also introduced.

Enrichment - Lego Robotics
The Lego Robotics program creates a cross-curricular challenge for students in technology, science, math, and literacy. Students must meet certain requirements to participate in the school year program.

Computer Technology
Beginning with the third grade, students are taught computer skills of keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and slide presentations in a weekly class.

Students learn about steady beat, rhythm, melody, tone, composition and more through interactive weekly music classes. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in private instrument lessons.

Students complete projects using the elements of art (texture, form, space, line, color, value, and shape) and a wide variety of mediums and techniques during weekly art class. Students' art is displayed in our annual Art Exhibition.

Fourth Grade
Students participate in one art, music and computer class and two PE classes each week. They also have 20 minutes of Spanish instruction and library time each week. ( See the Foundations Academy page for more information.)

Fifth Grade
Students have the option of joining band or choir, which meets four days each week. Fifth grade students participate in quarterly electives that include art, computer and PE (2 quarters).