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Successful Techniques for Educational Progress

Language Therapy

Individualized language training will be provided for students enrolled in the therapy program. Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length and will occur daily during the regularly scheduled school calendar. Therapy is conducted by Academic Language Therapists who seek to strengthen deficit areas and enhance learning strengths. Because therapy is individualized, the instructor may address needed classroom skills during the teaching time. Therapists will provide multi-sensory instruction, individualized to meet your student's particular learning style. The transition program will provide academic language therapy support for students beginning to finalize the phases of therapy. Transition may contain no more than three (3) students per instructor..

Language Therapy- $5,450 yearly*

Language Therapy Transition- $3,675 yearly*

*Price is in addition to regular tuition.



Resource classes are held daily for students with deficits of one year or more in Math and/or Language Arts. They are also available for students who can accomplish grade level work in some classes but may have difficulty keeping the pace of the regular classroom. The Resource class provides individualized instruction, strengthens learning deficits, and encourages the student to reach full potential. Resource classes may contain no more than six (6) students per instructor. In the event the student can master grade level material at the regular classroom pace, they will be recommended for mainstreaming in the regular class for the next school year.

Resource (1st-5th)- $1,600*

Math/English Resource (Jr. & Sr. Collegiate)  
6th-8th Grade (1 Subject)- $1,000*
6th-8th Grade (2 Subjects)- $1,900*
9th-12th Grade (1 Subject)- $1,000*
9th-12th Grade (2 Subjects)- $1,900*

*Price is in addition to regular tuition.



Accountability classes are offered to 6th-12th grade students who need additional assistance in organization, study skills, and preparation for assignments and projects. Accountability meets every day during a regularly scheduled class period. There will be no more than five students to one instructor. Accountability can be very helpful to students who struggle with getting everything accomplished on time and to those who fail to study sufficiently for tests. Accountability partners with teachers, parents, and students for successful achievement.

Accountability- $3,350 yearly*

 *Price is in addition to regular tuition.



Tutoring- $65 per hour


Foundations Tutoring Requests 2023-24


JRC/Collegiate Tutoring Requests 2023-24