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  Name Title Group
Laura Allison Allison, Laura Teacher/Minister - 1st Foundations
Leon Allison Allison, Leon Maintenance Director Maintenance
Joe Amory Amory, Joe Maintenance Staff Maintenance
Lily Anderson Anderson, Lily Teacher/Minister - 9th English Collegiate
Mary Armstrong Armstrong, Mary Teacher Aide - 1st Foundations
Pat Armstrong Armstrong, Pat Economics and Personal Finance Collegiate
Stephanie Balsamo Balsamo, Stephanie Business Manager Administrative
Tanya Baughman Baughman, Tanya Teacher/Minister - 8th Economics Extended Care, STEP
Matthew Beaver Beaver, Matthew Collegiate Aviation Instructor, Oceanography & Physics Collegiate
Heidi Benson Benson, Heidi Receptionist Beginnings
Mary Benson Benson, Mary Teacher Aide - P4, Sims/Extended Care/Summer Camp Beginnings, Extended Care
Amy Berrens Berrens, Amy Teacher Foundations
Jacelenia Booker Booker, Jacelenia Teacher Aide - P4, Bryant (2 days) Beginnings
Cassandra Bowden Bowden, Cassandra Cafeteria Staff Cafeteria
Shawn Brinkley Brinkley, Shawn Teacher Aide - 1st Foundations
Stephanie Bryant Bryant, Stephanie P4 Teacher Beginnings
Marne Buchanan Buchanan, Marne Collegiate Registrar/Student Services Asst Administrative
Trisha Bush Bush, Trisha Receptionist Collegiate Collegiate
Amanda Bussel Bussel, Amanda Teacher/Minister - Resource English STEP
Rebecca Bussel Bussel, Rebecca Beginnings Cafeteria (3 days)/Extended Care Beginnings, Cafeteria, Extended Care
Susan Butler Butler, Susan Teacher Aide - P4, Bryant (3 days) Beginnings
Margaret Buyrn Buyrn, Margaret Lunchroom Assistant Extended Care
Amanda Caldwell Caldwell, Amanda Director of Admissions and Student Services/Yearbook Administrative, Collegiate
Sara Cannaday Cannaday, Sara Teacher/Minister - 3rd Foundations
Jennifer Carlson Carlson, Jennifer Teacher/Minister - 3rd Foundations
Ariella Carrothers Carrothers, Ariella Extended Care Worker Extended Care
Nathaniel Carrothers Carrothers, Nathaniel Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Shimika Carrothers Carrothers, Shimika Extended Care Worker Extended Care
Laura Carver Carver, Laura Teacher/Minister - K-5 Art Foundations
Lisa Clark Clark, Lisa Student Services Assistant Collegiate
Jerrilynn Coleman Coleman, Jerrilynn Teacher/Minister - Civics Jr Collegiate
Shannon Colvin Colvin, Shannon Teacher/Minister - 6th English Jr Collegiate
Kelly Dahlman Dahlman, Kelly Teacher/Minister - Algebra 1 & AFDA Collegiate
Lisa Daves Daves, Lisa First Steps Director First Steps
Kailien DePriest DePriest, Kailien Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Melanie Dinkle Dinkle, Melanie Teacher/Minister - K-5 Music Foundations
Lillianna Eisinger Eisinger, Lillianna Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Kelly Ellis Ellis, Kelly Teacher/Minister - 6th Math Science Jr Collegiate
Megan Etter Etter, Megan Teacher/Minister - 2nd Foundations
Lorraine Gibbs Gibbs, Lorraine Homemaker/substitute teacher Foundations
Valerie Gibbs Gibbs, Valerie Teacher/Minister - Theatre/Director of Fine Arts Collegiate, Jr Collegiate
Emily Girardier Girardier, Emily Teacher/Minister - Language Therapist STEP
Kelly Gregory Gregory, Kelly Assistant Athletic Director & Events Coordinator Athletics
Kevin Hammond Hammond, Kevin Collegiate Bible Head/Bible10&11/IT Analyst/Tech Coach Collegiate
Paula Hampton Hampton, Paula Teacher/Minister - AP Gov., AP Lang., Eng. 12., Dept. Head Collegiate
Jennifer Harrison Harrison, Jennifer Beginnings Academy Director Administrative, Beginnings, First Steps
Tori Hewitt Hewitt, Tori Teacher's Aide Beginnings
Kara Jeffcoat Jeffcoat, Kara Lead Staff, 2 1/2's First Steps
John Jennings Jennings, John Booster Club Aide/Grounds Maintenance Athletics
Cindy Jessee Jessee, Cindy K5 Teacher Foundations
Dana Johnson Johnson, Dana Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Teacher/Minister - 3rd Foundations
Michelle Keller Keller, Michelle Teacher/Minister - 7th Science Jr Collegiate
Kelly Layne Layne, Kelly Teacher/Minister - 2nd Foundations
Cheryl Leader Leader, Cheryl Teacher/Minister - Art Collegiate, Jr Collegiate
Bonnie Lee Lee, Bonnie Publications/Bus Driver Coordinator Administrative
Magan Legg Legg, Magan Teacher/Minister - 7 & 8th Math Jr Collegiate
Joy LeGrand LeGrand, Joy Teacher/Minister - K5 Foundations
Van Ly Ly, Van Assistant Business Manager Administrative
Sara MacDermod MacDermod, Sara Human Resources Director Administrative
Christi Mahoney Mahoney, Christi Teacher/Minister - 6th Bible/Extended Care Dir. Administrative, Extended Care, Jr Collegiate
Amanda Manahan Manahan, Amanda P4 Teacher Beginnings
Lyn Mannato Mannato, Lyn Teacher/Minister - Algebra 2 & Econ Jr Collegiate
Joy Marshall Marshall, Joy Teacher/Minister - 5th Foundations
Stephanie Matson Matson, Stephanie Study Center Cafeteria
Kristina McGuire McGuire, Kristina Housekeeping Maintenance
Elizabeth Miller Miller, Elizabeth Teacher/Minister - K5 Foundations
Joshua Misantone Misantone, Joshua Teacher/Minister - 11th US Hist, AP History, & Gov. Collegiate
Sophia Molina Molina, Sophia Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Franklin Montgomery Montgomery, Franklin Maintenance Staff Maintenance
Daniel Moore Moore, Daniel Athletic Director Athletics
Amanda Morgan Morgan, Amanda Teacher/Minister - 5th Foundations
Alfreda Morris Morris, Alfreda Teacher Aide - P3, Opena/Extended Care/Summer Camp Beginnings
John Morton Morton, John Athletic Maintenance Athletics, Maintenance
Madison Morton Morton, Madison Teacher/Minister - 5th Foundations
Christopher Mowery Mowery, Christopher Collegiate Academy Administrator Administrative, Collegiate
Cherie Mueller Mueller, Cherie Teacher/Minister - 4th Foundations
Jennifer O'Neil O'Neil, Jennifer Teacher/Minister - 1st Foundations
Gina Opena Opena, Gina P3 Teacher Beginnings
Bethany Palmer Palmer, Bethany Teacher Aide - P3, Swogger Beginnings, Extended Care
Susan Prince Prince, Susan Teacher/Minister - Spanish 2, 3, 4 Collegiate
Gail Provance Provance, Gail Teacher's Aide Beginnings
Kari Pulley Pulley, Kari Teacher/Minister - 10 & 11th English Collegiate
Kirsi Queen Queen, Kirsi Substitute/Floating Aide K-5th, Study Center Extended Care, Foundations
Morgan Reynolds Reynolds, Morgan Extended Care Assistant Extended Care
Megan Richardson Richardson, Megan P3 Teacher Beginnings
Janet Sanders Sanders, Janet Collegiate Teacher Collegiate
Jamie Saunders Saunders, Jamie Full Time Sub/Impact Cheer Director Administrative
Michael Schipinski Schipinski, Michael Teacher/Minister - 6th History, Robotics Jr Collegiate
Terri Sims Sims, Terri P4 Teacher Beginnings
Rebecca Skeens Skeens, Rebecca Teacher/Minister - 4th Foundations
Kimberly Smith Smith, Kimberly Teacher/Minister - Resource Math STEP
Melissa Smith Smith, Melissa Nurse Administrative
Hunter Squier Squier, Hunter Maintenance Staff Maintenance
Joan Stalnaker Stalnaker, Joan Teacher/Minister - 1st Foundations
Joshua Starr Starr, Joshua Teacher/Minister - 9 & 10th Bible Collegiate
Jacqueline Strange Strange, Jacqueline Teacher/Minister - Language Therapist STEP
Jeffrey Strange Strange, Jeffrey Aviation, Economics, & Personal Finance Teacher Collegiate
Mary Strange Strange, Mary Receptionist/Aide 12 mo. Beginnings
Cynthia Stutz Stutz, Cynthia Cafeteria Director Cafeteria
Lara Swogger Swogger, Lara P3 Teacher Beginnings
Sandy Talcott Talcott, Sandy STEP Director, Teacher/Minister - Language Therapist Administrative, STEP
Kristen Tayon Tayon, Kristen Teacher/Minister - 2nd Foundations
Ashley Teubert Teubert, Ashley Teacher/Minister - 5th Inclusion Foundations
Paige Till Till, Paige Webpage Master & AV Technician Administrative
Sarah Vogt Vogt, Sarah Teacher/Minister - 7th English Jr Collegiate
Kevin Washington Washington, Kevin Head Coach Football & Basketball Athletics
Carolyn Weems Weems, Carolyn Teacher/Minister - K-5 PE Foundations
Connelly Weems Weems, Connelly Teacher/Minister - K-5 STEM Foundations
Dr. Ron White White, Dr. Ron Superintendent Administrative
James White White, James Administrator of Security Administrative
Wendi White White, Wendi JRC Administrator/Science Head/Biology Teacher Administrative, Jr Collegiate
Dewey Whitlow Whitlow, Dewey Facilities Director Maintenance
Gary Wilson Wilson, Gary Alumni/Activities/ Advancement/Government Administrative, Collegiate
Jayna Wilson Wilson, Jayna Teacher's Aide Beginnings
Ruth Winther Winther, Ruth Librarian Collegiate, Foundations, Jr Collegiate
Paul Wright Wright, Paul IT Analyst/System Administrator Administrative
Philip Wrigley Wrigley, Philip Teacher/Minister - Western Civ, American Hist. Collegiate
Isaac Young Young, Isaac Teacher/Minister - 7th & 8th Bible Extended Care, Jr Collegiate
Jennifer Youngblood Youngblood, Jennifer Teacher/Minister - Microsoft & Health Collegiate, Jr Collegiate