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TUITION 2024-2025

A tuition rate has been calculated for the purpose of consolidating most of the miscellaneous
charges throughout the year.  The tuition rate includes the yearbook for grades K-12 and field trip
costs for grades K-5.

First Steps Academy

Infant (8 weeks)

1 & 2 Year-Olds

$1,250 per month

$1,150 per month


Beginnings Academy - P3/P4

P3/P4 - Three Half Days per Week (7:30am-11:45am)

 - Monday, Wednesday & Friday



P3/P4 - Three Full Days per Week (7:30am-3:05pm) 

- Monday, Wednesday & Friday



P3/P4 - Five Half-Days per Week (8:30am-11:45am)



P3/P4 - Five Full Days per Week (7:30am-3:05pm)



$3,950 Yearly




$5,950 Yearly





$5,950 Yearly




$8,595 Yearly


Foundations Academy - Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Kindergarten (Full Day only)

Grades 1-5

$9,175 Yearly

$11,250 Yearly


Junior Collegiate Academy - Grades 6-8


$12,350 Yearly



Senior Collegiate Academy - Grades 9-12


$12,750 Yearly

* There is an annual Security Officer Fee of $100 for all students.
*There are no capital fees, yearbook fees, textbook fees, or technology fees.
*There is a $10/month Activity Fee for K5-12th grade students.
*AP or Dual Credit College level classes carry additional fees.

These dues help us to avoid multiple fundraisers for activities in those academies.
 P3/P4 classes: 9 monthly payments beginning August – April
Kindergarten through 12th grade: 11 monthly payments beginning July – May
K-12 late enrollments: 10 monthly payments August – May
(Note: one tuition payment must be received before the first day of school)

Application/Testing fee * $250/student

K5 and 1st Grade Application Fee - $250
2nd - 4th Grade Application Fee - $125.00 plus Testing Fee - $125.00 (Total of $250)
5th -12th Grade Application Fee - $100.00 plus Testing Fee - $150.00 (Total of $250)

* includes a non-refundable third-party processing fee


Family Cap - No family may exceed $35,500 yearly in regular P3-12th grade tuition charges.


Tuition Collection

It is the school board policy that all parents must have an active FACTS account. FACTS is a tuition management company which involves the use of electronic fund transfers with the family’s specified bank account or credit card. There is an annual FACTS fee that parents must pay for the use of this system, and credit card payments will also incur an additional fee. The student is not fully enrolled until the FACTS account is established.

Please note: The July tuition installment is non-refundable.