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Unfolding a Greater Vision

by Candace Rardon, Class of 2004
(GCA Parchments, Vol. 20, Pg. 4)

It started with a challenge. After years of traveling from school to school in Lynchburg, to Garland, Texas, and back to Chesapeake, Dr. H. Ron White felt the desire to head up his own school. While he had served in many positions, he had never served as the administrator. After working at another Chesapeake school, Mr. White was first approached with the idea of starting an independent school. He agreed to pray about it. Following much deliberation, Dr. White held a public meeting for all those interested in attending the school. This shocked many church and community leaders because there was no Christian school in the area without ties to a church. Surprisingly, over 180 people came to the first meeting, and in a second meeting, there were 160 additional people. At this point, it was evident that God was impressing on their hearts to start a Christian school.

The door opened for the school to be held at the WYFI station, home of the Bible Broadcasting Network. With newly renovated classrooms and a library, it was the perfect place for Greenbrier. But after three years at BBN, it became clear that there wasn't room for expansion.

"Dr. White truly did communicate the Lord's vision for GCA," said Gay Williams, who has been with Greenbrier since the beginning. “We knew we were headed for growth and development.”

When land was bought, the construc­tion began. Little by little, pieces of Greenbrier came together--the front hallway, the gymnasium, and then the back hallway. Over the years, a field house was built, a batting cage, and the preschool and middle school wing.

"Walls go up, and walls come down. Brick and mortar are laid and then de­stroyed, moved, and a new structure erected," said Mrs. Pat Diggs. "But it is comforting to know that the foundation that this school was established upon will never change--Jesus Christ--our Bedrock and the Cornerstone of our faith."

Over the years, Dr. White's vision for Greenbrier has slowly unfolded. In retrospect, he said, "Twenty years later, God has reemphasized what He was doing, and that He is in the middle of this."