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The preschool teachers at GCA have written a thematic curriculum intended to foster students' development spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially while learning in a Christ-Centered environment.  Our primary focus in preschool is to share the love of Jesus to our students through our daily activities.  We work hard to prepare our students for the rigorous kindergarten program offered at GCA.  Detailed information about each unit will be sent to parents weekly through their class newsletter.  By the end of P4, our students should be able to:

Recognize their role as a child of God who is kind to others, uses manners, shares with friends, obeys teachers, and strives to be like Jesus.

Recite monthly Bible verses.

Recall key Bible stories.

Recognize all 26 upper case letters.

Recognize all 26 lower case letters.

Identify all 26 sounds.

Recognize numbers 1-20.

Identify shapes: Circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle, diamond.

Identify colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Grey, White, Brown, Pink, Purple.

Write their name.

Perform basic math operations - "One more than", measuring with a ruler, oral counting, counting one-to-one correspondence up to 20, basic graphing.

Cut a variety of lines using safety scissors.

Identify key positional words: inside, outside, above, below, beside, between, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, larger, smaller, few, many, half, whole, full, empty

Identify beginning sounds of words

Create and finish patterns

Identify if pictures are the same or different

Describe basic calendar information: days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons