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Fine Arts

Purpose Statement

Using the various mediums of the Fine Arts (Music, Art, and Theatre) this department exists to challenge students to comprehend the academic aspects of the fine arts; to witness the revelation of an awe-inspiring and divinely empowering God through His creation and His Word; and then to acknowledge, respond, and participate in the creative process which professionally relays God’s character and message through group and individual projects, performances, and presentations.

General Description

The GCA Fine Arts department consists of instrumental and vocal music, theatre and the visual arts.  Students have many opportunities to learn to perform in each of these areas throughout their school careers at GCA.  We strive to provide our students with the best quality instruction and tools to bring glory to the Lord using their talents in the fine arts.

Congratulations to the Greenbrier Christian Academy Theatre Department on the successful seven show run of "Peter Pan!"  Directed by Theatre Department head, Miss Valerie Gibbs, the cast and crew, made up of over fifty students and volunteers, performed to more sold out crowds than ever before!

Freshman Caeden Moore starred as Peter Pan, whisking away the Darling children played by Morgan Sanders, Aiden Owen, and Logan Berry.  The audience enjoyed adventure and laughter as the stage was soon filled with bumbling Pirates (lead by Captain Hook, played by Bryce Wright), unruly Lost Boys (with Slightly played by Julia Rose Moseley) and beautiful Indian princesses (ruled by Tiger Lily performed by Jessica Ferebee)!   

The student run production was a smash hit thanks to the talent and passion of Miss Gibbs and the many people involved.  Thirty students comprised the cast on stage, with over twenty students and volunteers behind the scenes in the crew, production team, and musical ensemble.

With twenty musical numbers, all thirty performers on stage during several scenes, "flying" to neverland, and beloved charaters including Nana, the family dog, tick-tock croc, and the most famous fairy ever, this was a production that left each audience member with a smile on their face and a catchy tune in their head.

Congratulations to Miss Gibbs, cast, and crew!


Caeden Moore as Peter Pan

Morgan Sanders as Wendy Darling
Aiden Owen as John Darling
Logan Berry as Michael Darling
Thomas Kent as Mr. Darling
Bailey Riddick as Mrs. Darling
Rachel Peed as Liza|
Patrick Smiley as Nana

Julia Moseley as Slightly
Anna Van Beveren as Curley
Ellie Strange as Tootles
Kalyn Wright as Nibs 
Lexi Harris as 1st Twin
AJ Argante as 2nd Twin

Bryce Wright as Captain Hook
Seth Tarkenton as Smee
Kyle Wright as Starkey
Patrick Smiley as Cecco 
Justin Miller as Noodler
Nathaniel Hammond as Mullins
Kamin Sealey as Jukes

Jessica Ferebee as Tiger Lilly
Haley Anderson, Caroline Buchholz, Christine Buchholz, Madison Burris, Olivia Matson, Aubrey Parker, Bailey Riddick, Kendall Taylor as The Indian Tribe

Caroline Buchholz as Grown Up Wendy
Peyton Riddick as Jane
Bekah Whamond as The Crocodile

Miss Valerie Gibbs, Director/Choreographer
Bailey Riddick, Bryce Wright, Student Directors
Mr. Daniel Ethridge, Music Director
Haley Englar, Stage Manager
Kolleen Hansley, Kenzie Shipe, Assistant Stage Managers
Mrs. Jackie Strange, Costume Designer

Paige Till, Tink/Spotlight Operator
Mr. Kevin Hammond, Sound Board Operator
Jordan Taylor, Light Board Operator
Mr. Jeff Strange, Mr. Paul Skurski, Set Construction
Madeline Espinoza, Props Mistress
Carly Murdoch, Moses Waithaka, Backstage Crew

Miss Brittany Johnson, Keys
Dylan Buyrn, Drums
Mr. Eddie Lawhorn, Bass
Mr. Tony Grizzel, Clarinet
Maddy Lierurance, Violin
Mr. Jeff Davis, Trumpet
Mr. David Cannaday, Trombone

Pan and WendyDarling FamilyPirates

Hook and SmeeLost BoysI wont grow up pledge

LizaMother WendyTiger Lily

Pan and Tiger LilyLost Boys and IndiansHook

Cast ApplauseCAST CREW


GCA fourth grade classes traveled to Chrysler Hall to participate in Carnegie Hall's "Link Up" concert!  The concert featured the Virginia Symphony Orchestra performing favorite songs such as "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven, "New World Symphony" by Dvorjak, and "Bought Me a Cat" by Aaron Copland. Students brought along their recorders and were invited to participate in the concert from their seats, “performing” along with the orchestra!  Students have been working diligently in their music classes for weeks to prepare for this wonderful opportunity and were thrilled to play their instruments along with the Virginia Symphony!

Foundations and Bridge Academy music students are looking forward to performing several of the songs from their field trip at the end of the year concert on May 18th at 7:00pm.  We hope to see you there! 

Playing recorders VSOVSO logo



Art Show 1On April 1st, GCA's Fine Arts department welcomed parents, students, and friends to the 2017 Art Exhibit.  Guests enjoyed pieces from all divisions, preschool through twelfth grade, live musicians, artist demonstrations, and fellowship over hors d'oeuvres.

A still life drawing done with colored pencil by Collegiate Academy's Jordan Taylor won Best in Show.

Congratulations to our Fine Arts department and all of our student artists.


Art Show 2Art Show 3Art Show Biblical Integration 4

Art Show Peter Pan 5Best in Show 6Art Show 8

Art Show Preschool and Kindergarten 7Art Show 9


Christmas Joy Concert

On December 15th, our Choral Ambassadors, Collegiate Band, and special guest, Bridge Choir, celebrated the holiday season with a wonderful family friendly concert, Christmas Joy!

Guests enjoyed Christmas songs both old and new as performed by our talented musical groups.

Oh, Promise Me!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of GCA’s hilarious Fall 2016 production, Oh, Promise Me!  The story of wild child Barry Hollis’s marriage proposal gone awry, as performed by our talented GCA theater department, was a family friendly event enjoyed by all!  Congratulations to our Theater Department for another successful production! 

“Barry Hollis, at twenty-one, has just graduated from Princeton, thereby coming into the fortune left him in his late father's will.  His youthful escapades have won him a wild reputation, but he is resolved to settle down now and become a worthy member of the community.  On the train back from Princeton, he meets and falls immediately in love with Gladys Vance.  He persuades his aunt, with whom he makes his home, to send Gladys a note inviting her for a visit.  Another note goes to Patsie Linden, a hard-boiled little dancer and old flame of Barry's, asking her to send back his frat pin.  Alas, the notes get mixed!" (Oh, Promise Me! "Story of the Play")



The GCA Theater Department's Spring 2016 production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers has finished its five show run to standing ovations.  Based on the book by Lawrence Kasha and David Landay, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers takes place in 1850’s Oregon and tells the tale of Millie, a pioneer woman looking forward to a quiet, steady life, and Adam, determined to return home with a wife! When Millie and Adam get together, little does Millie know her future life will be filled with Adam’s six brothers and the adventures that unfold as they attempt to follow in Adam’s footsteps in finding wives of their own!

Directed by GCA Theater Department Head, Miss Valerie Gibbs, GCA’s production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers saw students singing, dancing, acting, and entertaining all.  Congratulations, cast and crew!