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Foundations Academy (Grades 1-3)

Purpose Statement: The Foundations Academy (grades 1-3) strives to develop a lifetime love of learning by providing a firm foundation spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially from which students can confidently impact their world for Christ.

Theme verse: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

100 dayIn celebration of their 100th day of school this year, Kindergarten and 1st grade students showed off their creativity with custom “100 day” shirts and enjoyed a day full of 100th day enrichment activities! 

Kindergartners in Mrs. Jessee’s class had fun at math centers, forming the number 100 and using Popsicle sticks, bears, and pom-poms for counting, while Miss Whitson’s students used math to get the wiggles out, as they did ten different exercises, ten times each, to make 100!

First grade students participated in STEM centers themed around the number 100 and made “100 day” snack mix to recognize their 100th day of school this year.

The 100th day tradition is a fun way to get students thinking about math and units of measurement.  We give it a 100%!    

 100 day centers100 day Kindergarten

100 day snack mixK teachers



Football helmetOur football program has a limited number of out of date football helmets available for sale.  These helmets may not be used in competition but make great mementos and can even be turned into a lamp base!  A unique gift for the Gator fan or GCA alumnus in your life.  Helmets are $25 each with proceeds going toward the purchase of new equipment.

Please note: When purchasing, we will provide you a waiver stating you understand the helmet is not to be used in competition.  Additionally, the interior components of the helmets have been removed.

Please contact Coach Austin to purchase yours today. 




Wax MuseumGreenbrier Christian Academy students bring the American Revolution to life!

George Washington, Abigail Adams, Daniel Boone, Crispus Attucks, and Betsy Ross were a few of the famous Americans seen recently at GCA!  Third grade students brought back to life historic figures from the American Revolution during the school’s annual “wax museum” project.  As visitors walked through the museum, each “wax figure” awoke, sharing a short biography and displaying a full costume including wig, make-up, and props.  “Our wax museum is a fun way of making history literally come alive for our students as they build their public speaking skills.” said Principal Tracy Cox. 

 Wax Museum 1Wax Museum 2Wax Museum 5Wax Museum 4Wax Museum 6Wax Museum 3



Spirit Week PosterHomecoming is next Saturday night, Gators (following a day full of fun alumni events)!  To celebrate our Gator pride leading up to the big game, our Spirit Week will be next Monday - Friday.

Spirit week is an awesome opportunity for students and staff to enjoy shared experiences and have some fun as a school family!  

Our Spirit Week theme and days are as follows: 

Monday, January 29th – Friday, February 2nd
Theme: Salad Dressing: “Let’s Dress It Up”

Monday: Thousand Island (Tacky Tourist Day)

Tuesday: Blue Cheese (Blue Out Day)

Wednesday: Oil & Vinegar (Dynamic Duo Day)

Thursday: Caesar (Blast from the Past / Decades Day)

Friday: House (Gator Day)

Please refer to your email for additional details and important do's and don'ts from Coach Kelly Gregory.  Let's get ready for a great week, Gators!





Front of snowy GCA

Parents, we are pleased to report Tuesday morning's drop off went very smoothly and we were able to get all of our students back to school and you on your way!  Our facilities team was out early this morning to ensure students would have a safe path into school, while Dr. White and members of our teaching and admin teams were out directing traffic and assisting students.

Thank you for your support as we get back into the swing of our regular schedule.

Below, Dr. White helping direct traffic this morning and our facilities team working to clear the back parking lot.

Dr White directing trafficBack lot being cleared


Gator Wear shirts are now available to purchase through MySchoolBucks!  

To order as a CURRENT PARENT (if you have an existing account) using MySchoolBucks: 
  1. Log into your MySchoolBucks account

  2. Select School Store

  3. Select Categories

  4. Select Gator Wear 

To order as a GUEST (grandparent, etc.) on MySchoolBucks: 
  1. Use the Guest Link found here

  2. Under FILTER BY CATEGORY select GATOR WEAR to view all items available for purchase

 When the order is ready, you will be contacted for pick up.  If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Go Gators!!!!


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