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Varsity Football praying pre game

Congratulations to the athletes below and to Coach Tommy Austin and the GCA Varsity Football program for being honored with the Betty Jean Riddick Sportsmanship Award for the second year in a row.

The following Gators were selected to the All TCIS team for the 2017 Season:

First Team
Ray LeBlanc - Offensive Line
Luke Bussel - Defensive Back

Second Team
John Coggins - Wide Receiver
Quinton Wynn - Linebacker
Mark Mount - Offensive Line
Ray LeBlanc- Defensive End

Honorable Mention 
Parker Clark - Wide Receiver
Luke Bussel - Quarterback
Parker Clark - Kick Returner

Go Gators!  Congratulations to all of the players in the TCIS on their seasons and their selection to the All TCIS team.



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