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Collegiate Academy students welcomed guests Mrs. Suzy Kelly and Mr. Donnie Simpson as Guest Speakers in our inaugural Student Leadership Luncheon. 

Our 10th-12th grade girls were joined by Mrs. Kelly over a catered lunch before hearing a message entitled, “Be the Woman God Planned You to Be.”  Mrs. Kelly spoke on several topics during this special “girls only” time, including the importance of developing core values (Psalm 119:9), choosing friends wisely (1 Cor 15:33), making wise choices (Jer 33:3), and working hard (2 Thes 3:10), to name just a few.  Mrs. Kelly, who is the President and CEO of Jo-Kell, as well as a member of the Chesapeake City Council, left the girls with a challenge drawing from John 2:7 to “live life to the brim!”

Meanwhile, 10th-12th grade boys met on the mezzanine to have a brown bag lunch with Mr. Donnie Simpson.  Mr. Simpson, who has been involved with education-based football programs for over 40 years, including five seasons as head football coach at GCA, shared with our young men lessons he has learned along the way.  After sharing his testimony, the NCHSAA Hall of Fame coach used several of his own experiences and stories to encourage our students on why their Christian faith matters and of the importance of developing honest and high integrity standards.

Thank you to Councilwoman Suzy Kelly and Coach Donnie Simpson for blessing our students with their time and wisdom!

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