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IMG 0546Miss Skeens and her fourth grade class welcomed master electrician Mr. Bob Burton as a guest speaker during their mini-unit on snap circuits.  In addition to being a master electrician, Mr. Burton is a Navy and Vietnam veteran, grandfather of seven, and beloved father to our very own Miss Skeens!  

Our fourth grade unit on electricity ended with the practical application of learning about and creating parallel and series circuits using the Snap Circuits set.  Each student participated in helping Mr. Burton gather the components and put them in place on the snap circuit board.  Mr. Burton also discussed safety and the differences between the snap circuits and actual house electricity.  One of the devices powered a light bulb and one powered an alarm.  Mr. Burton created a real life scenario where the device students created, a water alarm, would come in handy if a basement flooded or an air conditioner drain became plugged.  

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