Bridge Chapel - April 26, 2017

Chaplain Shipp had the opportunity to address the students of Bridge Academy chapel this morning. Using this month’s theme, “Walking in Him means I will spend time with God”, he focused his message around who the Holy Spirit is and what it really means to have Him dwell inside the believer. First, Chaplain Shipp laid a foundation by asking the students who the Holy Spirit is for them. They learned that the Holy Spirit is their helper, comforter, guide, and advocate. Next, Chaplain Shipp asked the students of the significance of Easter and the resurrection of Christ. After receiving many great answers, he taught that without the obedience Jesus Christ displayed in willingly sacrificing Himself and dying, there would be no chance for a resurrection and, without the resurrection of Christ, there would be no ability to have the Holy Spirit dwell inside of the believer. Chaplain Shipp encouraged students to remember that because of their faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit does indeed dwell within each of them. Because the Holy Spirit is inside of them, they have the ability to overcome temptation and sin if they are focused on walking in the reality of this truth each and every day. Chaplain Shipp focused the remainder of his time encouraging each student to take the necessary time each day to spend with their one, true God; the one God that loves them so much that He sent His only Son to die in order that they might be able to have a deep and everlasting relationship with their good and holy Father.

John 14:15-17; 16:7-15