Bridge Chapel - April 19,2017

Mrs. Cox taught on the last “Peacemaker theme” of the year instructing the students on how to make a respectful appeal. The students learned that an appeal is "a respectful request you make to others if you want them to consider your thoughts, feelings, or needs when they are making a decision." Next, they learned that there are times when it is appropriate to make an appeal, but a respectful appeal is more effective than demanding their own way. Using the Peacemaker model, they were instructed on how to ask for something using the "STAR” appeal:

  • S: Stop - Stop from choosing to respond in a way that will cause conflict (do not lose temper, whine, argue, etc.).
  • T: Think - Think about why they want to make the appeal and what words to use in making it.
  • A: Appeal - Appeals can be made to anyone when they are done the correct way. They discussed how to show respect by stopping what they are doing, making eye contact, and watching their tone of voice. Then they talked about how to explain their reason for the appeal using "I messages" and how to respectfully ask for a compromise.
  • R: Respond – Everyone should respond respectfully whether the appeal is granted or not.

Finally, Mrs. Cox ended chapel by providing an example to everyone by using the “STAR” method on Daniel’s respectful appeal found in Daniel 1:8-16.

Key Passages: Daniel 1:8-16