Beginnings Chapel - May 8, 2017

In this week’s chapel, students learned that there is always something to give thanks to God for in their lives. Puppet Diggs asked the question, “Did Jesus ever say thank you?” Combing through the Scriptures, Mrs. Dykes brought to light stories that answered Diggs’ question. When Jesus Christ raised his beloved friend Lazarus from the dead, it is said that He gave thanks to God. On another occasion, during the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus was said to have prayed and given thanks to God for the blessing of food. Finally, Mrs. Dykes chose students to enact the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers. It is recorded that only one of the lepers who were cleansed took the time to go back to Jesus and give Him thanks for what He had done for them. Closing their time together, Mrs. Dykes reminded everyone that giving thanks to God for what he has done in their lives is a crucial part of the Christian walk.

Key Passages: John 6:1-15; 11:38-44, Luke 17:11-19