Beginnings Chapel - April 24, 2017

After a long break, the Beginning’s Academy held chapel service this morning. During this time, they learned about God’s plan for each one of their lives. Mrs. Dykes, along with puppet Diggs, taught about the meaning and purpose of life through the illustration of a blank piece of paper. They explained to the students that a blank piece of paper is just like a young person’s life, full of opportunity and meaning. Some students helped to illustrate this principle by drawing on a blank sheet of paper; this illustrated its endless possibilities, just like their lives. In closing, Mrs. Dykes encouraged the students to offer their lives to God in order that He could give their lives meaning and purpose because, after all, He created them! In her concluding statement, Mrs. Dykes stated that the earth is God’s blank page. When He created it, He revealed things about Himself and gave it meaning in the process. God has given Christians everything they need in their lives in order to be everything He wants them to be. Therefore, they must submit to Him and His good ways in order to be all that they can be for Jesus Christ.

Key Passages: Jeremiah 29:11, Ephesians 2:10