Overview of the AR Query Tool

The AR Query Tool allows you to search by author, title, book level, and points or any combination. In general, the more you input the more specific your search will be with less results returned and vice versa the less you enter the more search results will be returned.Once you fill in the query data click the search button. To reset the form click the reset button.

Searching by Author

The author name is in last name, first name format.  If you wanted to search books from Jan and Stan Berenstain you would enter “berenstain” in the author field and the query would return books with Berenstain in the author field. It is important to know that the author’s last name could be part of another author’s first or last name. For example, if you were searching for R.L. Stine and you entered “stine” you will get all authors who have stine in their name including Lazier, Christine. To prevent this from happening, put a comma after the author’s name “stine,”.

Searching by Title

When searching the Accelerated Reader ® Reading Practice Quiz list for books that start with “The” omit “The” since it is put at the end of the title.  It is possible that you may get unintended matches from your search.  For example if you were looking for the title Basket Counts by Matt Christopher and you entered “basket” you could get results that contain the word basket including like basketball.

There are some instances where the title has been abbreviated; one of the most notable series is the Berenstain Bears (B. Bears). If the title is long select a few unique words from the title.  Remember the “less is more” concept when searching using the AR Query Tool.

Searching by Book Level and Points.

The AR Query Tool allows you the ability to narrow down your Accelerated Reading Practice Quiz list for books within your Child’s Book Level range. This gives you the ability to create a list to look for accelerated reading books your child may already have at home. If you don’t know the book level for your child please check with their teacher. Using the book level and points of the AR Query Tool has a few simple rules:

  1. The From represents the beginning number and the To the ending number.
  2. If you enter a beginning number you must enter an ending number.
  3. The beginning number must be less than or equal the ending number.

Example: If your Child’s Accelerated Reader Point Level was between 0 and 1.5 you would enter 0.0 in the From (beginning) and 1.5 in the To (ending) fields.

Query Results

After you click the search button any matches will be returned below the AR Query Tool form in a table format.

Navigating through the page results>

If your search returns a number of results that are greater than the record limit for the page then some page links will appear before the table:

AR Query Tool - Page Results Navigation Links

The page number with black text and a red background is the current page you are on.  To go to another page click on the page number that corresponds to the records you want to see.  The Next will move you one page forward and the Prev will move you one page Back. To go to the last page click on the >> link.  To go to the first page click on the << link. If you were on page 1 and you wanted to navigate to page 16 you would click on the 15 link then click the next button.  Do NOT use the Browser's BACK Button. This will take you to the site you were at before you landed on the AR Query Tool site.  If the text is not a link then you are currently on that page. In the example above, you are on page one and you cannot click Prev or the <<.

Summary of Navigation Links:

>> = Go to the last page of records

<< = Go to the first page of records

Prev = Go one page back

Next = Go one page forward

External Data links.

Hidden below the title of a book in the results are external links. This school does not endorse any external links. They are provided as a convenience to the AR Query Tool user. See Terms of Use for more information regarding external web links. To see the external links you can click on the book title or click on the + sign to expand the row to see the external links.  To collapse the row again, click on the – sign or the title again.

AR Query Tool - Expanded Row Showing External Links

If you click on any of the external links a new browser window will open and any search results from matching the book title will display. If you click the by author link then any search results for the author will be displayed. 

The SUNLINK database is Florida’s K-12 public school union catalog. It is a state funded project for use by students, parents and Florida’s K-12 public schools. It contains the records of all public school library media centers in Florida.  The links generated have been narrowed down the search results to this county. It is an electronic card catalog. If it finds any matches it will provide information from its database about the book or author

The Barnes& Noble links will provide matching search results from their site. The book information and reviews will give you a general idea of the content of the book from the publisher, and reviewers from the School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Children’s Literature to name a few.  It also contains reviews from other people who have bought the book and other information.

The Amazon links that are generated will provide matching search results from their site.  The book information and Editorial Reviews and customer reviews will give you a general idea of the content of the book.  It will also provide other books of similar content.

Navigation Tabs

There are several navigation tabs above the AR Query Tool form:

Back To Main Site - returns you to the schools main site

View Entire List- If the AR Query Tool does not work with your browser you can click the Navigation tab title View Entire List above the AR Query Form. This will provide a link to a static Accelerated Reader Practice Quiz List.

Print Version – This allows the user to view the results in a printer friendly version. It was designed with the left and right page margins being .5" or less. Please check to make sure your browser is configured as such from the page setup menu.
It also allows a user the ability to copy page results without the external links to another application like Word or Excel.

Help – Displays this help page.

Contact – Provides the school contact for the Accelerated Reader Material.

PC and Browser Compatibility

The AR Query Tool has been tested and works on Pentium 2 and Higher PC’s with 128 MB of RAM or higher.

The AR Query Tool is compatible with most modern browsers.  It has been tested and works on Internet Explorer 5.0 – 6.0, Firefox 0.9 – 1.0, Mozilla 1.5, and Safari.  It should work well with any browser that supports Javascript 1.3 or higher.  In order to use the AR Query Tool you will need to have Javascript and your cookies enabled.  These setting should be on by default.  Please refer the browser documentation on how to enable these settings. 

For dialup internet users there may be an initial delay of 1 minute while the AR Query Tool downloads the book list information and related files.

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